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A total of 1405 Second Life® Residents cast their votes through GLANCE International Agency's website in 2011.

From the official press release published on January 15th, 2011:

STEP 1: TOP BRANDS SUGGESTIONS - Jan 15th to Jan 31st at 12 PM SLT SL residents are invited to suggest [their] favorite brands. There are 12 nominations including top fashion bloggers and top fashion store/designers of different categories. Only the 5 brands the most often suggested will make the next cut.
STEP 2: VOTE FOR THE TOP BRANDS - Feb 1st to Feb 15th at 12 PM SLT
From February 1st to February 15th, SL residents will be able to vote [for] their favorite designers/stores/bloggers in the top 5 of each category. The winners of each category will get 5,000L$ and a custom sculpted award during the GLANCE Fashion Awards.
STEP 3: GLANCE FASHION AWARDS NIGHT - Feb 20th at 1 PM SLT (event was rescheduled to Feb 27th at 1PM SLT)
The first edition of this yearly event is sponsored by ( and will be filmed by Rezzed TV. Awards will be given by GIA staff members and guest hosts from the SL's fashion community. During this event, 60,000L$ will be rewarded (in real time) to the SL's most popular brands/designers and bloggers, according to the GLANCE Fashion Awards voters' panel. The place of the event will be revealed in avant-premiere to the members of the in-world group "GLANCE | International A-List".

GLANCE Fashion Awards 2011 Voters Panel:

For the STEP 1 (see above), 403 SL Residents suggested brands, designers and bloggers.
For the STEP 2 (see above), 1002 SL Residents cast their votes.

On Sunday, February 27th at 1PM SLT, The top 12 winners were announced during the first annual GLANCE Fashion Awards Ceremony.

Watch the Ceremony | Discover Nominees & Top 12 Winners

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